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Sloughi Dog Breed

Also known by other names such as the Arabian Greyhound, Sloughi Moghrebi and Arabian Sighthound, the Sloughi originated from the area which now comprises of Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. It is closely related to the Azawakh and was originally a prized purebred with only kings and chiefs allowed to own and keep them. They weigh from 35 to 50 pounds with females weighing less than the males, and the ideal height average is 27.6 inches for the male and 25.6 inches for the female. This strong and compact Sighthound has flat and long muscles. It is squarish and leggy with a back that is virtually horizontal and a long head. It has a straight topline which gives it a smoother, more effortless-looking gait than the Greyhound. It has a black mask on the face and carries a gentle and melancholy facial expression. The ears are dropped and carried close to the head. Its coat is made of short, hard hairs with colours ranging from light-sand, red-sand, red or mahogany and may appear with or without brindling, black mantle and black ears.

The Sloughi has been used to hunt wild game in tandem with hunting falcons. They were also used as watch dogs, guarding the house and livestock of the owner. Their physical make-up allows them to adapt to the harsh environment of the deserts of the Maghreb region in northwest Africa as well as makes them efficient hunters with exceptional endurance and speed. Intelligent and curious, they have a docile temperament and prefer to lie on soft rugs at home when not working. They develop a close bond with their owner and are good with children and other animals when raised with them. This natural hunter should not be left alone with smaller running animals as they are prone to give chase.

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