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Slovensky Cuvac Dog Breed

A native of Slovakia, the Slovensky Cuvac (or Slovak Cuvac) was said to be in existence since the 17th century and almost became extinct when modern herding practices came about and wolf packs have diminished from the European mountains. The breed was successfully revived to healthy numbers after World War II. It is similar to the Hungarian Kuvasz and is in fact related to the breed. This hardy and rustic mountain dog breed weighs from 66 to 99 pounds and has a height range of 22 to 27.5 inches. It has a large and broad head, a powerful neck and a sturdy, muscular frame. The chest is broad and it has well-sprung ribs. The eyes are almond shaped, the nose and muzzle are black except during colder months when the nose turns the colour of brown clay. The double coat is made of dense and thick hairs and comes in solid white.

The Slovensky Cuvac is a dog of many talents, among which are hunting big game, search & rescue, guarding the flock against predators such as bears and wolves. They are highly protective of their flock, their owner and the family and are reserved towards strangers. They are excellent with children and are natural guardians in the house. They have an independent and willful streak but can be managed with proper training. They are naturally lively and alert and are affectionate and loyal toward their human companions. They are heavy seasonal shedders but have no known serious defects or conditions. They can live for about 11 to 13 years.

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