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South Russian Ovtcharka Dog Breed

Its origins are still unclear but one fact stands out from all the debates and that is the breed has the wolf as a direct ancestor and that its progenitors have lived in the Crimea region between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. This flock guardian breed is a native of Russia. A large and robust dog, it weighs between 108 to 110 pounds and has a minimum height standard of 24 inches for the female and 25 inches for the male. It has a massive bone structure. Its head has an elongated shape with a slight and barely visible stop, a big and black nose and triangular ears that are relatively small and hang close to the head. Its eyes are dark, oval shaped and set horizontally. Its back is straight and strong, the chest is moderately broad and deep and the legs are well-muscled. It has a long double coat made of coarse, thick and dense hairs and covers the entire body including the face. It is predominantly white but may also come in white and yellow, ashen gray, gray speckled and straw colours.

Used to herd flock and protect them against wild predators the South Russian Ovtcharka is a dog of impressive strength and independence. They can adapt to varying environmental conditions and temperatures. This dog breed is not for everyone, most especially inexperienced dog owners as they have a dominant streak. It is distrustful of strangers and has a very possessive and territorial nature. There are no known health problems for this breed.

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