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Spanish Bulldog Dog Breed

Also called the Alano Espanol in Spain, its country of origin, the Spanish Bulldog is a very old dog breed. Its name comes from a group of nomadic farmers, the Alani who kept large breeds of livestock guardian dogs. This large molosser breed weighs between 75 to 89 pounds and has a height range of 22 to 25 inches. It has a well proportioned body structure. Arched rib cage, strong and solid shoulders and strong muscular legs and a wide, powerful neck define the build of the Spanish Bulldog. It has a broad and squared head typical of a bulldog and has a serious expression. Its nose is large, wide and black with open nostrils. The tail is thicker at the base and is never cropped as it helps the dog in its hunting tasks. It has a double chin which never hangs low. Its skin is thick with neck folds; the coat is short and thick. Coat colours include yellow and wolf gray, fawns and reds. Patterns may include brindling or some white markings on the snout, neck and chest, belly and the tip of the tail.

In the past, the Spanish Bulldog has been used as a working dog doing wild cattle handling, bullfights, big game hunting, guard and defense and for war. Nowadays, it is used for cattle handling and hunting mainly, but this versatile breed can also excel in competitive obedience and feats of agility. Whilst it may appear intimidating, it is actually very affectionate to its owner and family, good and patient with children even. They have a dominant temperament but can be submissive to an experienced and authoritative owner. They are fearless, loyal and hard workers with a very high pain threshold. The Spanish Bulldog is one of the very few large breeds that do not drool, slobber or snore.

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