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Spanish Greyhound Dog Breed

The Spanish Greyhound is an ancient sight hound that is native to Spain. The breed was named after a Celtic tribe called the Gauls which is believed to have brought the dogs’ ancestors with them as they traveled through the Iberian Peninsula. Although it is called a greyhound, it is not clear whether it is related to the English Greyhound. Long and lean, it weighs from 44 to 66 pounds and stands from 23 to 28 inches. Light in build, its head is triangular-shaped with a flat skull. The muzzle is long and narrow tapering to a slightly defined stop. The neck is long and muscular and while the chest is slightly deep the rib cage does not reach the elbow unlike that of the English Greyhound. It has a long tail with a lateral hook at the end. There are two coat varieties for the breed: the smooth, and the wire haired. Colours and patterns come in a wide variety which includes solid colors such as red and black, brindle, two or three colours of cinnamon, yellow, white and pied marked.

As a sight hound the Galgo has a similar temperament to the English Greyhound. They are calm, unobtrusive and rarely bark. However if there are strangers at home they remain reserved and watchful, but never aggressive. As a family pet, the Galgo is very affectionate and deals well with children and other non-canine animals. Among the tasks that they can perform are lure coursing and racing.

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