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Spanish Water Dog Breed

Another native dog from Spain, the Spanish Water Dog is believed to have been brought by the Turkish traders to the South Iberian Peninsula. It is an ancient dog breed that is commonly considered as the ancestors of the common water dog breeds. They have been called other names such as Perro de Aqua, Barbeta, Perro de Agua Espanol and Perro Rizado. The breed has a weight average of 30 to 49 pounds and a height ranging from 16 to 20 inches. It is a medium sized dog with good proportions. It has a flat skull with a strong and elegant head. The most distinctive feature of the dog is its curly, woolly coat that has a tendency to form into cords when it grows longer. Its expressive eyes are set wide apart and slightly oblique. It has a short and well muscled neck and a broad chest. The ears are triangular and hang down. Typical colours include white, black and chestnut in varying shades, with bi-colour of white and black or white and brown.

The Spanish Water Dog has been used as a goat and sheep herder, as well as the following tasks: search & rescue, bomb sniffing, narcotics detection, water sports, therapy work and for show competitions. An extremely intelligent breed, the Spanish Water Dog is a good human companion, attentive and devoted to its owner and family. They are natural workers and are very fast, athletic and agile. They can live for about 10 to 14 years.

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