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Spinone Italiano Dog Breed

Originating from Italy, the Spinone Italiano is an ancient hunting breed. Its ancestry is still largely undefined. The breed was named after the pino, a thorn bush found in Italy which was a favoured hiding place for small game because larger animals could not get through them. The Spinone Italiano was one of the breeds that could get through the branches unharmed. It weighs between 61 to 85 pounds and stands at a height of 22.5 to 27.5 inches. Rugged looking and large, it has a long head, a slight stop and a square muzzle. The nose is big with wide open nostrils and the colour complements the coat (brown in brown roan coats, flesh coloured in white ones). It has triangular shaped ears that hang down. The tail is typically docked and it has dewclaws on all four feet. The paws are webbed which makes it easy for the breed to swim. The coat is wiry and tough with longer hair on the cheeks and muzzle which gives it an appearance of having a moustache and beard. Colours include white with or without markings, brown or brown roan with or without markings.

The Spinone Italiano is an excellent pointer and retriever, popular among Italian hunters. It has great strength and stamina and can hunt in all kinds of climates and terrains. It is highly intelligent and an enthusiastic worker. As a human companion it is pleasant and easy-going. It is extremely patient even with children and it gets along well with other animals. The Spinone Italiano can live for about 12 years or more.

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