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St. Joseph's College Online

St. Joseph’s College provides students with accredited programs, and services. This accreditation eventually paved way to the establishment of the School of Adult and Professional Education in the year 1975 and other exceptional programs and services that the school has to offer at present. It is also a fact that the college is known for its exceptional reviews and rankings such as it being recognized by U.S News & World Report as “America’s Best Colleges” for nine consecutive years.

St. Joseph’s College offers online programs that aim to “foster career and educational advancement.” This program caters to online classes providing students and even working adults with knowledge useful in the field of Business, Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource. Aside from the fact that such online program is designed to give convenience and flexibility to aspiring learners, it as well aims to promote effectiveness and awareness of management directly to students’ personal computers. Online degrees and online courses are Executive M.B.A, Organizational Management, Certificate in Leadership and Supervision, and Certificate in Human Resources.

Admissions to the college’s online program include specific requirements such as the adult or student must have postsecondary education and training, and employed in a position that practices supervision, program development, specialized training, responsibility, and independence. B.S in Organizational Management online program requires the completion of an online writing assessment upon admissions. Tuition for the online program costs about $530 per credit for part-time students and $17000 per year for full-time students. Financial aid offered in this college includes loans, grants, and scholarships. These scholarships are divided into scholarships given to transfer applicants and to freshmen applicants.

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