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Stabyhoun Dog Breed

A rare breed that originated from Friesland in The Netherlands, the Stabyhoun is a type of gun dog used for pointing and retrieving. Its name is said to have come from the Dutch phrase “Sta me bij” (stand by me), and the Friesian word for dog “houn”. It has an average weight of 40 to 55 pounds and stands from 19 to 21 inches. Its head is longer than wider with an equally long skull and foreface and a slight stop. The neck is strong and slightly arched. The lips are tight with a scissor bite; the ears are set low and are moderately long with feathering. It has medium size eyes with tight lids and come in dark brown colour for dogs with black coat, brown for brown or orange coats. It has big and well-developed feet which make it easy for the breed to walk, swim or climb tough terrains for long periods at a time. The coat is long and sleek with some slightly wavy hairs over the croup. Coat colours include black, brown and orange with white markings.

Highly intelligent and highly trainable, the Stabyhoun also makes for a good guard and watch dog. They have an even temperament and have great patience and tolerance toward children. They are excellent human companions with a high desire to please their owner and family and very demonstrative of their affections. Their other skills include sled pulling, agility, obedience, flyball and retrieving. It is a fairly healthy breed and can live for about 13 to 14 years.

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