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Standard Schnauzer Dog Breed

The Standard Schnauzer is considered as the oldest of the three Schnauzer breeds. It originated from Germany and has been very popular in Europe. This working dog breed actually takes its name from its own kind which won at the 1879 Hanover Show in Germany (in German, “Schnauze” means snout or muzzle). The Standard Schnauzer weighs an average of 30 to 45 pounds and has a height range of 17 to 20 inches. The ideal measurement is for the height to be equal to that of its length to give off a square impression. Its most distinct feature is its long beard and eyebrows. It has a moderately broad skull with a slight stop, a long and rectangular head and a large black nose. The eyes are medium sized, oval in shape and dark brown in colour. Its ears are set high and may either be cropped or kept natural. Its coat is made of a wiry, dense top coat and a softer undercoat. Colours include solid black and salt and pepper.

The Standard Schnauzer breed makes for a good watch and guard dog. As well they excel in hunting, tracking, retrieving, military work, search & rescue, bomb detection, agility, competitive obedience and performing tricks. They are also good companions for travelling. A fast learner, intelligent and loyal, they do well with children. They can also adapt to any climate. They are enthusiastic and highly energetic and must always be given something to do otherwise they can become bored and destructive. The Standard Schnauzer may live for about 15 or more years.

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