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Stevenson University Online

Stevenson University is accredited and granted by the Maryland State Department of Education in the year 1954. This accreditation eventually led to the university’s different approvals such as on its child development program and its transfer programs in Arts and Sciences. Good reviews, awards, and rankings go with university. These include its Nursing program achieving 91 percent passing rate, and the university being ranked no.11 by the U.S News Best College Rankings among regional colleges in the North.

Just like programs on campus, Stevenson University’s online program still offers online classes that are career-focused. These online classes are being handled by professionals. Students are given the opportunity to choose which online degree or online course would best suit them. Every program is designed to develop students’ knowledge through giving them with the needed tools in adapting in the changing world that they live in. This online program would as well be instrumental in making education and success possible for everyone. Classes include Undergraduate programs, Adult Accelerated Undergraduate programs, and Graduate Programs. Also, the university is divided in to six schools namely Brown School of Business and Leadership, Design, Education, Graduate and Professional Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Sciences.

Admissions are divided into Undergraduate and Graduate & Professional Studies Admission. Tuition and Fees vary in each program. For undergraduate studies, the tuition is $20580. Financial Aid includes Federal Grants, Work-Study, Loans, State Grants, and Scholarships. Scholarships are of different types namely Merit-Based Scholarship Program, Transfer Scholarships, Leadership, and Nursing Scholarships and Grants.

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