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Stratford University Online

Stratford University is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, and the American Culinary Federation Accrediting Commission. Aside for the university’s accreditation, it was given approval by the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia to grant certain programs. Excellent reviews and rankings are given to the services that the university has to offer which includes effective instructional methods, professional teaching staff, and career-focused programs.

Stratford University’s online program offers online classes that are convenient, flexible, and engaging. This online program doesn’t online give a wide variety of online courses and online degrees to choose from but also, it gives students the opportunity to prepare themselves in their future workplace. Also, the online classes are designed to make education for students be in a timely manner, taking into consideration one’s other priorities. Working hand-in-hand with accommodating instructors, it is a guarantee that students would reach their goals and be successful in their chosen fields. Online programs include Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management, Enterprise Business Management, Software Engineering, Bachelor’s Degrees in Information Science, Network Engineering, Accounting, Computer Security and Forensics, and Associate’s Degrees and Diplomas in Business Administration, Network Management and Security, Accounting Diploma, and Accounting Certificate.

Undergraduate admissions requirements include a high school diploma or GED, English Language Proficiency, and an enrollment prior to high school graduation. Graduate admissions requirements are four-year Bachelor’s Degree, undergraduate degree related to the chosen graduate program, evaluation of academic potential, and English Language Proficiency. Tuition for the undergraduate program is $355 per quarter credit hour, and $390 for the graduate level. Financial aid involves scholarship programs such as the Graduating High School Senior Scholarship Program, Private Scholarship Programs, and Stafford University Academic Scholarship.

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