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Strayer University Online

Strayer University is a private, for-profit learning institution with over 80 campuses located in various parts of the United States. Owned by Strayer Education, Inc. with main headquarters located in Arlington, Virgina, Strayer University specializes in providing higher education to working adults who want to advance in their chosen careers.

Founded in 1892 by S. Irving Strayer as Strayer’s Business College in Maryland, the school was renamed Strayer College when it was granted a license to award the Bachelor of Science degree in 1969 followed by the Master of Science degree in 1987. A holding company, Strayer Education, Inc. was established in 1996 to help the college raise funds for expansion. In 1998, Strayer College was granted university status and its name was changed to Strayer University.

Part of the expansion undertaken by the university is the establishment of its online classes for students around the world and busy working individuals who want to pursue their higher education but either live too far away or are too tied up with work to attend regular on-campus classes.

Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Strayer University offers Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as certificate programs in high demand fields such as accounting, business, criminal justice, public administration, information technology, management, health services administration, education, and many more. All degree programs are offered online via the Internet. A complete list of degrees and programs is included in the university’s Course Catalog available for download from its website.

Tuition cost per course for the graduate level is US$2,175; while for the undergraduate level it is US$1,590 for fulltime students and US$1,665 for part-time students. Financial aid is extended via Federal loans, grants and scholarships for qualified students.

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