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Sussex Spaniel Dog Breed

Originating in the 18th century from Sussex, England, the Sussex Spaniel is believed to have been developed from crossing various Spaniel breeds such as the Field Spaniel, the now extinct Norfolk Spaniel and local hound breeds. A rare breed, it almost disappeared after World War II but was revived by an English breeder named Joy Freer. It is believed that all the modern Sussex Spaniel breeds are descended from the dogs she kept and bred. It weighs between 40 to 44 pounds and has a height range of 15 to 16 pounds. It bears a slight resemblance to the Clumber Spaniel. Strong and massive, the Sussex Spaniel has a long, low body with a level topline. It has a square muzzle with a full stop. It has large eyes that are hazel in colour, a liver-coloured nose and large ears that are long, low-set and covered with wavy hair. It has a thick coat with feathering on the neck, legs, tail and feet and appears either flat or slightly wavy. The coat is a distinct golden liver colour.

The Sussex Spaniel is a gun dog whose other talents include tracking, hunting, retrieving, therapy and watch dog. They are known to bay while hunting and move with a characteristic swinging gait. They make for good companions with their charming, gentle and sociable ways. They get along well with children and even non-canine pets. They are quick learners but need consistent and early training. They are prone to ear infections and should not be overfed as they tend to gain weight easily. It has a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years.


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