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Ten Exceptional Online Liberal Arts Programs

As news becomes more readily available, people are presented with more and more information to interpret in the areas of politics, economics, science, the arts, and other subjects. When pursuing a degree in liberal arts, students effectively learn to analyze and interpret the vast amount of data that is available in today's world. Many students today require flexible schedules to accommodate their work schedules, and as a result, institutions are increasingly offering liberal arts degree programs online.

The website Best Liberal Arts Colleges lists the top 10 online liberal arts programs in alphabetical order. Each program offers students the benefit of completing the bulk of their coursework online while earning a degree. Most of the schools listed are accredited. Students should contact the individual school to further assess how well the program offers fits their needs and learning style.

1. Ashford University - B.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: History/English/Sociology
Cost: $402.00 per credit/Fees: $1,810

2. Baker University - M.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: Creative Arts, Teaching and Learning
Cost: $205.00 per credit

3. Columbia College - B.A. General Studies Courses include: Humanities/Natural Science
Cost: $240.00 per credit

4. Penn State College of Liberal Arts-World Campus - B.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: Ethics, Anthropology, World Music
Cost: $504.00 per credit

5. Harvard Extension - B.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: Journalism, Economics, Philosophy
Cost: $995.00 per credit

6. Messiah College - B.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: Psychology, Bible Study
Cost: $435 per credit

7. Saint Leo University - B.A. Liberal Studies Courses include: Bio Ethics, Life Science, Literature
Cost: $470.00 per credit

8. University of Massachusetts Online - B.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: Political Science, Philosophy
Cost: $1,100 per three credit course

9. University of Phoenix - B.A. Liberal Arts Courses include: Literature, Biology, American History
Cost: $546.00 per credit

10. Widener University - B.A. Liberal Studies Courses include: Psychology, Criminal Justice
Cost: $36,000 per year


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