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Ten Strategies to Raise Your Self Esteem

If you're struggling with low self-esteem, it can help to have a specific game plan for overcoming the negative feelings. In fact, low self-esteem can have more to do with your environment and your activities then anything else, and changing these things can make a positive impact on your overall self-esteem.

1. Practice positive self talk - Many people often have negative and self-defeating messages entering their thoughts; such as "I might fail" or "What if she won't like me." Start observing these tendencies and then plan encouraging statements to refute the negative messages.

2. Exercise - We all hear it over and over, but it's true that exercise is such a powerful tool to improve mood and raise confidence. Though the popular belief that exercise releases the "feel good" endorphins is debatable, extensive research does link exercise to significantly lower levels of depression and anxiety.

3. Learn a new skill - What have you always wanted to explore? Learning to ride a motorcycle, play a guitar, or cook Thai meals are all competencies that can enhance self image.

4. Set realistic goals and celebrate successes - One of the best feelings is accomplishing what you have planned for the day, the week or the year. It is important to have goals for yourself, but just as important to congratulate yourself for achieving them.

5. Satisfy your body's needs - Taking good care of yourself is a great way to improve the way you feel about yourself. Care for your own needs the way you would for a small child. Remember to eat all meals, sleep enough, and establish healthy habits and routines.

6. Help someone - Pitch in to help a friend or family member on a project, or join a volunteer organization or write a check to a favorite charity. Helping others reminds us that we have something valuable to contribute to the community.

7. Post affirmations - "You are a kind and lovable person," "You are a great mother," "You look beautiful today." Make notecards with positive statements and attach these to your computer monitor, across from the toilet, on the fridge or on the mirror.

8.Treat yourself - Doing something you enjoy, even something small, can strengthen self image. Have a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee. Or go window shopping or for a long drive.

9. Review your life accomplishments - If you are feeling poorly about yourself today, then remember all that you have achieved in the past. It especially helps to recall something that you worked hard for, were worried that you would not achieve and were able to succeed at.

10. Consider your strengths - What is unique and great about you? If you aren't sure, then ask a loved one what they like about you.

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