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Things That Change Brain Activity

The brain is a very complex body organ that acts as the command post of the whole body. Brain activity is affected by internal and external stimuli. Any changes inside the body and the individual’s environment, lifestyle or normal activities can trigger brain activity.

Feelings of hunger, thirst, cold or heat will stimulate the brain. This is part of the natural instinct to survive. If the individual feels threatened, the brain activity is also affected and will trigger the instinct for the body to defend itself.

Drinking coffee, taking drugs like heroin, antidepressants, sedatives affect brain activity. The prolonged use of certain drugs would also have prolonged effects on the brain.

Alcohol adversely affects the brain. It can cause blurred vision, slurred speech, walking difficulty, impaired memory, and slow reflexes. Prolonged drinking of alcohol can caused permanent brain damage.

Lack of sleep or changes in normal sleeping habits seriously affect brainwave activity two ways, either the brain activity drops or increases. Lack of sleep definitely affect cognitive and motor functions affecting the level of performance of an individual.
Hormones also cause changes in the brain activity. Women’s preferences and moods change depending on their menstrual cycle.

Stress stimulates the brain in a negative way. Stressed individuals experience headaches.

Depression affects brain activity and perception. Individuals with depression tend to see things negatively.

Certain sensory stimuli like touch, taste or smell can trigger brain activity. This can be the instinctive flight response, pleasant memory or a feeling of happiness depending on the individual’s past experiences and associations.

Music, religion, culture, change in lifestyle or environment also affect brain activity. Music relaxes and triggers the brain to release serotonin.

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