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Thomas Jefferson School of Law Online

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association. Aside from this accreditation, the school is as well a member the American Association of Law Schools. Exceptional reviews and rankings are given to TJSL mainly because of its numerous memberships and recognitions which include it being recognized by the International Compliance Association and the Royal Society of Fellows.

The School’s online program was made possible by Professor William H. Byrnes, IV. This online program was founded 12 years ago which is now known as the largest International Tax and Financial Services online law school program. Such program is designed to cater the needs of busy aspiring lawyers. Through online classes, students are given a innovative colkaborative experience. With a variety of online courses and online degrees to choose from, students are able to maximize their potentials in the most convenient and flexible way. Programs offered include ABA recognized post graduate masters and doctorate degree programs which could all be earned online.

Admissions in the school is divided into applicants for degree programs and those interested on non-degree programs. Tuition and fees differ on every program, an annual program brochure, which could be obtained from an admissions offcer, provides a complete list of tuition costs and as well as other related expenses. Just like any other schools and universities, TJSL offers financial aid which could be in the form of loans, grants, and scholarships. This kind of financial assistance aims to extend help to students who are having problems on the aspect of paying education expenses. The different forms of financial aid take into account one’s needs and for some cases, one’s academic performance.

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