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Tiffin University Online

Tiffin University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Another accreditation was given by the European Council for Business Education. Reviews and high rankings are given to the university on how it values real-life opportunity and success. The university believes that if one can do it, everyone else can, this shows that in every program, students are not only being given the knowledge that they need but most especially, they are being trained to have the skills needed for one to be successful in their chosen fields.

Online education is as well possible in Tiffin University. This online program gives opportunity to students to earn a degree while working. With a growing number of online courses and online degrees, students are surely given the chance to maximize their potentials. Online classes are definitely convenient and advanced at the same time. Online programs include Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Criminal Justice, Master of Business Administration with specializations in Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management, Healthcare Administration, International Business, Leadership, Marketing, and Sports Management, Master of Education, Master of Humanities, and Master of Science in Criminal Justice.

Requirements for admission include a diploma from an accredited high school or college, class rank, strength and performance in curriculum, GPA, ACT, SAT scores, and completed four units in English, three units for Math, Science, and Social Studies. Tuition for undergraduate students costs about $9195 per semester, full time, having 12 to 16 credit hours. Majority of students in the university receives financial assistance. Such financial aid is available in different forms namely Grants, Scholarships, Loans, and Work-Study Programs.

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