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Top 10 Best Toy Kitchen Play Sets for Kids

A play kitchen is a wonderful toy investment, providing many years of entertainment for ages 2-6 and their friends. Though you might wonder if this is just a gift for girls, a kitchen is definitely universally appealing. And most play kitchens these days are decorated in neutral colors to accommodate boys' interest. In deciding if this is the right investment for you, consider whether you have space available for such a large toy. Also be aware that kitchens rarely come with accessories or foods, so that will add to the cost. There are a variety of color and style options to match the style of the surrounding room, from primary colors to a more contemporary adult appearance with stainless steel. Among the large number of play kitchens offered, these 10 are the highest rated by parents.

1. KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

Kidcraft is the top producer of wooden kitchen sets, and offers a variety of models and styles that are extremely popular. Other models of Kidcraft kitchens will appear later in the list because they are so well made and well liked. This received the number one spot for its high number of entertaining features, moderate price and moderate size. It is a bit slimmer than some models, but still has a ton of storage space.

2. Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen

This plastic kitchen is a whole room to itself, for the biggest option on our list. It is an eat-in kitchen with a stool, granite-like counters and stainless-steel appliances. It includes so many doors and features to operate, as well as a variety of accessories. This is one of very few kitchens that may not require you to buy any additional accessories or food toys.

3. Melissa & Doug Corner Wooden Kitchen

This is a minimalist version kitchen by the always popular Melissa and Doug company. It is a bit smaller than some other versions with only a stove, refrigerator, sink and oven. It includes a timer and cutting board. With its curved design, it is versatile in options of where to place it- in a corner, along a wall or in the middle of a room.

4. KidKraft Grand Espresso Corner Kitchen

This is a larger version of a corner kitchen by Kidcraft if you have more space to dedicate. It is high-quality, modern and adult looking with stainless steel and dark wood. It includes 4 metal accessories, and is overall quite detailed and realistic looking.

5. Fisher Price Servin Surprises Kitchen Table

This is a uniquely shaped plastic kitchen playset that is part table and part kitchen. It does not offer quite as many features and details as other models, but is a quite versatile option because it can be converted into a flat table for other activities. It also includes talking and learning features, trays, cookies and pizza.

6. KidKraft Deluxe Let's Cook Kitchen

This is a spacious Kidcraft kitchen playset, a bit taller and deeper than some versions. The increased height and features extend its range of interest up to age 8 or 9. The colors are eye-catching, but neutral, and it is quite sturdy.

7. Little Tikes Mudpie Kitchen

This is the best choice for bringing the kitchen experience outside. It is a mini mudpie making kitchen that includes a sink and electronic mixer to blend the mud and water into a variety of shape creations. There is an attached water tank, and kids can use a pump to make the sink work.

8. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink

This play kitchen is a very classy shade of light pink for those who prefer pink. It is a vintage design with all the details and play features of standard Kidcraft models. It is a moderate-sized kitchen that will not take up too much space.

9. Hape International Gourmet Kitchen

Hape is unique in its solid-wood design for children's toys, and unique in being quite easy to assemble. Hape also sells a variety of well-made wooden kitchen foods that will compliment this kitchen with its light wood colors. This is among the smaller kitchen versions with fewer play features, so best for those with minimal space and younger kids.

10. Step2 LifeStyle Dream Kitchen

Another excellent plastic option, this play kitchen is moderately sized with lots for kids to do. It includes lights and electronic pots that can make sizzling noises, as well as a number of other accessories. It is a good and durable investment with the option of purchasing additional toys from Step 2 that are well-scaled to fit this model.

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