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Top 10 Non-Christmas Christmas Movies

If you get sick of the irritatingly-sweet Christmas movies, you're in luck. It seems that this festive holiday somehow brings out the most twisted imaginations of our favorite filmmakers. Christmas may be mentioned in these Yule-tide favorites, but they're definitely not on Santa's good list. Although these are classics, it’s easy to make them fresh by playing them on a VLC media player on your computer. DVDs are going the way of the VHS tape - we’re moving into a more digital, less bulky lifestyle. So revamp these classics, and take a look at the top ten “non-Christmas” Christmas movies.

1. Christmas Vacation
Who doesn't laugh every time they watch the misadventures of Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid in this classic, what-else-could-possibly-go-wrong Christmas classic. It's guaranteed to make you feel better about your day.

2. Gremlins
As these scary little creatures take over a small town at Christmas time, we almost hope they achieve their goal of world domination. At least it would finally put an end to those Christmas carols.

3. Die Hard
What is it about Bruce Willis and Christmas? He definitely has a hard time whether he's in Los Angeles or New York. When the festivities are too much for you, just sit back and watch Bruce take blow up an office Christmas party.

4. Trading Places
The combination of Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy can't be beat, and the combination of prostitution, ruining someone's life, insider trading, and racism just screams Christmas spirit. Who wouldn't want a drunk, grime-encrusted Santa (Dan Akroyd) slipping down their chimney to plant a few illegal drugs?

5. Scrooged
As one of Bill Murray's last truly funny movies, Scrooged takes a modern look at the Dicken's classic. Although the true Christmas spirit does shine through at the end, we tend to love the unreformed Bill much better than his newly generous character at the end.

6. Silent Night, Deadly Night
There's nothing like a serial killer dressed as Santa to dampen the Christmas spirit. Just don't try to channel him when your last nerve snaps after the millionth cheerful Merry Christmas greeting.

7. Bad Santa
This dark comedy features Billy Bob Thornton as the Santa that requires you to dunk your kid in bleach after his annual visit. Although he does have a little change of heart at the end, this movie is definitely fit for the dysfunctional Christmas movie list.

8. Black Christmas
Just days before Christmas, a house full of sorority sisters is terrorized by an unseen stalker. It appears that bloodthirsty psychopaths get a little offended when their Christmas homecoming is now the home to a bunch of busty coeds. The fact that he also killed his entire family there on a long-ago Christmas Eve probably doesn't help either.

9. The Ref
Dennis Leary alone is enough to take the ho, ho, ho out of Christmas. As a bumbling burglar who ends up taking a soon-to-be-divorced couple hostage by mistake, he becomes the unofficial marriage ref during his botched Christmas-Eve heist.

10. A Christmas Story
While this is kind of a traditional Christmas movie, the classic "you'll shoot your eye out" line and the Bumpass's hounds stealing the Christmas turkey is enough to make this classic just twisted enough for this list.

As you watch these not-so-cheery movies, they’re sure to balance out the sugar-coma-inducing sweetness of the holiday season!

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