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Top 11 Food Trends for 2011

Everyone likes food. Of course, we all like different types, but it is fun to look at some of the top food trends that are going on. So, what are the top 11 food trends for 2011?

1) Going local
Many foods today are going local, and this trend is set to continue. With everything from beer and wine, to local meats and veggies, local is one of the hottest trends of 2011.

2) Keeping it small
Desert sizes are staying small, and in a lot of cases, getting smaller. Though the meal size itself may not change, there are tons of places making their deserts bite size.

3) Lots of spice
Korean spices are becoming very popular. Along with the spices of many other cultures, spicy dishes are all the rage. In fact, in some areas, it can be difficult to find something that has little or no spice!

4) Tacos
If you go to an upscale restaurant in 2011, you may just find tacos on the menu. Many of these have ingredients you had never thought about putting on a taco, but they are said to be delicious!

5) Free
No, we don't mean the meal is free, but having, for example, gluten free items, carb free, and more is all the rage. Everyone is worried about health and nutrition, and adding these types of things to the menu get more people in the door!

6) Fewer French fries
Even in kid's meals these days, we are looking for better alternatives. Many restaurants are cutting back on the French fries in children's menus, and instead are going for healthier alternatives such as apple slices.

7) Organic food
The push for organic is hitting the restaurants. In fact, you can now find organic options at many places, and this trend is set to continue in earnest.

8) Upscale cocktails
Cocktails are getting more dressed up in 2011, with fresher ingredients (such as more fruit added), and more varieties offered.

9) Mini plates
Not up for a whole plate full of food? You can order mini plates, to help you keep up your diet of smaller meals more often through the day.

10) Veggies, veggies, and more veggies
Whether you want the fried, baked, boiled, or any other way, there are more and more veggies dishes showing up on the menus in 2011.

11) Bread and cheese
Looking for an artisan snack, meal or dessert? Many places are picking up artisan breads and cheeses and adding them to the menu.

Some of the trends for 2011, as with any year, follow many of the fad diets that are currently popular. A large number of them, though, focus on the health of the customers coming in. Allergy free foods, organic, and locally grown are some of the biggest trends to hit the country in 2011. If you are looking for something new, you won't have to look hard this year. Many places are picking up on the fact that Americans now get bored with the same old recipe, and are pulling out the stops. If this type of thing interests you, you may have a career as a culinary professional ahead of you. Either that, or you’ll just eat well this year.

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