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The Top 3 Distractions That Actually Cause Accidents

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes. They can be your best friend, your cellphone or even an mp3 player. No matter what it is, distracted driving comes when you least expect it -- maybe even right before a wreck. Here are a few things you should avoid if you don’t want to end up in an accident.

1. Eating

Though eating ribs or steak while driving probably isn’t a common practice, many still find themselves gnawing away behind the wheel of a car. Around 86% of drivers eat or drink while driving, and more than half do it on a regular basis. If you spill the drink in your lap, especially if it’s of an extreme temperature, it could cause you to swerve, or even worse, cause an accident.

If you wait until you’re at a rest stop or at least in the parking lot of the food establishment, you can safely eat without the fear of losing your life.

2. Not Ready For Work

Have you ever been late for work, and you just have to apply that lipstick or eye make-up? Perhaps you’re more of a “shave your face in the car” type of guy. In any case, you shouldn’t be doing it. Among other things, making yourself look pretty could contribute to the many wrecks seen a year from getting ready in the car.

3. Cellphone

Texting and answering calls while driving is a terrible habit to get into. Back in 2010, 3,092 died from cellphone usage while driving. While cellphone companies and local and state governments are against texting and driving, the important part to remember is the value of your life. Various states have laws against using cellphones in the car, which may be something to consider before driving and using your cell.


It isn’t always an easy thing to do when an emergency has happened or you just have to send out that last text, but try to cut out distracted driving from your routine. Something as harmless as drinking coffee could potentially cause a wreck, even if you’ve done it a hundred times before.

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