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Top 4 Video Games of All Time

Why is it that every year just before Christmas a new gaming system is released and your child absolutely needs to have it? With new systems and upgraded games, it’s hard to keep up!

The next time the topic of a new game console comes up, try waiting a few months — no one is going to die — and look for video game consoles on eBay. Even slightly used models will be much cheaper, and sometimes brand new models can be found for less than at an average retailer.
As for the newest and best games, they're just something you’re going to have to try to keep up with, although eBay can aid you in your cause. Here are some games that have stood the test of time and should be ranked in the top of any video game list.
• The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time: This game was originally released for Nintendo 64. The game was unique because of its operative side missions and the puzzle levels that baffled even the most hard-core gamers.
• Grand Theft Auto III: No matter how you feel about the violence of this game, Grand Theft Auto raised gaming to an entirely new level. Although the premise of the game is stealing cars, hooking up with hookers and often killing people, Grand Theft Auto is actually quite fun to play. When it came out, it was a new and fresh game that people loved.

• Halo: Has it really been 10 years since Halo descended on the gaming world? Not only is this a good game, but it’s also the game that launched the Xbox movement. It had to be good if people were dropping $300 on a new gaming system in order to play it. The original version was launched in 2001, and the game has been re-released several times. Halo is certainly one of the best fighting and team combat games of all time.
• Madden NFL Football: Even before Halo, Madden revolutionized the gaming world for sports games. It’s in its 17th year, and it has to be considered the best sports game. One of the great things about Madden is that it came up with something new and better every year. That’s quite a challenge, yet Madden has lured even the thriftiest of gamers into purchasing this product every single season.
There’s no right way to make a list of all the best games out there. Some involve killing people, others involve scoring touchdowns and still others involve landing airplanes in a simulated flying game, but no matter what the games feature, fans can’t get enough.

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