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Top 5 Luxury AirBNB Pads for Architects

Architect's work desk

Airbnb has evolved into a spectacular showcase of some of the best architectural designs throughout the world. People seeking to enrich their holidays through inspiring aesthetics, intricate details, or rich historical significance should consider these top 5 luxurious architectural homes. It was once stated that architecture should capture a period of time, as well as encapsulate a timeless feeling. These homes do just that.

Jeda Villa

These selections were formulated primarily by various architecture awards. Each has reached architectural greatness and is listed on Airbnb for anyone to rent for a few days or weeks. For an architect’s dream half a world away, one should consider the luxury Jeda Villa in Indonesia. The beauty of this home is nearly surpassed by its surroundings. In this home, one is able to lounge in fabulous designer amenities while marveling at some of nature’s most stunning views. No moment will be wasted indoors as the design of this home incorporates an open-air environment at nearly every turn throughout the villa.

Architect’s Barn

While working one's way back to the States, stop in London and stay in the award-winning Architect’s Barn. The redesign of this barn has been done in such an impressive manner one would never know it was originally a barn. They were able to salvage much of the original structure and materials providing the home with a unique look and feel. It epitomizes the saying previously mentioned about capturing a moment in time, while remaining classic. The original wood beams and floors paired with the brightness of the white walls and many windows gives this home a sense of history and modernism without being garish. It is award winning for a reason.

Archie Bunker

Back stateside, stop off in Vermont to stay in the Archie Bunker house. This home was awarded a 2010 American Institute of Architects VT award. As with many of the other homes on this list, the Archie Bunker house cleverly coordinates the use of varying materials. In this house, they pair concrete and woodwork. It is designed in an unconventional manner. It is incredibly innovative and modern, yet still manages to exude and softness and welcoming comfort.

Schwartz House

On the way to California, enjoy a winter’s night in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwartz House. The father of American architecture created many marvels throughout his career, and now, people are able to stay in his Schwartz House while they vacation in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. It features clean lines, abstract details, and a perfectly balanced use of materials to create a harmonious interior, as well as to provide a home away from home feeling.

Ski House at Squaw

To end this architectural journey, the Ski House at Squaw in California will leave everyone in awe and bewilderment. This house spares no expense on details and luxury. The design is one of a kind and has an extraordinary ski resort location. Guests can enjoy a hot tub, sauna, immaculate fireplace, and a world-class kitchen. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and the amenities are nothing less than spectacular.

Airbnb is not simply a coach surfing website; it is the 21st Century marketplace to find the most amazing architectural delights across the globe. People now have access to some of the most extraordinarily-designed houses in nearly 200 countries. Any architect or architect enthusiast will not be disappointed by selecting any of the 5 houses listed above.

Tony Alexander is an architect and guest author at, a site with information and guides to top-rated architecture degree programs online.


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