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The Top 6 Funny T-Shirts of the Last 10 Years

More than their basic purpose as clothing, T-shirts in the past decades have evolved into a canvas used to convey different kinds of messages. These range from serious causes like politics to the most mundane expressions of everyday life! But the best ones are the funny t-shirts that make you stop for a minute, chuckle or giggle, and take your mind off your concerns for a moment. Below is a list of some of the funniest kinds of t-shirts you’ll come across in the streets today.

Anti-statement shirts

Statement shirts of all kinds are popular and often designed to catch attention with a witty phrase. And then there are the anti-statement shirts like below, poking fun and insinuating that statement shirt lovers are lacking in personalities and have to wear shirts with pizzazz to fill the lack. Hmm, what do you think?

Facebook-themed shirts

There’s no questioning which is today’s most popular social network site and which has taken the world by storm the past few years. Yup, almost everyone’s on Facebook and along with its raging popularity is the increase of statement shirts dedicated to it. Seriously, as if several hours every day playing Farmville or stalking your friends, enemies, and everyone in between ain’t enough.

Nerd and Geek Shirts

It used to be that nerds and geeks are the “uncool” ones. In this age of websites, Big Bang Theory, and iPhone apps, that’s a thing of the past. Thus the proliferation of nerd and geek shirts today. Nerds and geeks design the sites we visit, fix our laptops and hard drives, and create the online games we are addicted to. Yeah, nerds and geeks now make the world go round.

LOLcats shirts

LOLcats took the online world by storm few years ago and since then, the famous cats and their expressions can be found everywhere: on blogs, mugs, bags, and shirts.

TVshow spoofs

Oh, what will we do without our favorite reality shows? To many couch potatoes, the suspense of who will be eliminated this week is the highlight of the week. The shirt below reveals the trademark comment of Randy, one of American Idol’s judges.

Man shirts

Men are men, as they say. Forever testosterone-driven and gung-ho for the opposite sex. There’s no escaping these male funny t-shirts that like to sardonically shout how much they love women and everything that comes with the package.

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