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Top Business Schools

Here's our list of the top schools for undergraduate business majors looking to pursue a degree in business. These schools are ranked for 2009 according to the overall quality of education and prestige of the program. We found the best business schools to be the ones that best prepared their students for a career in business.

1. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania’s undergraduate business program blends liberal arts and business courses. The course curriculum is designed to provide a broad comprehensive program intended to educate students on all aspects of the business world. Students will be taught the fundamentals of business while simultaneously focusing on courses geared towards their specific business disciplines of interest; nonprofit, corporate. Undergraduate students can elect to minor in one or more disciplines or can choose to pursue a dual degree. The University of Pennsylvania also has one of the top graduate business schools in the country at which student’s can obtain their master degrees.

2. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s offers a wide range of majors from which students can select. Attending one of the top schools in the country, aspiring business students can earn an undergraduate degree in any number of applicable programs specializing in various aspects of the business world. The University of Virginia’s programs provide a comprehensive curriculum teaching the necessary skills to become leaders in any field. After the completion of the undergraduate degree, students can continue on to earn advanced degrees in Virginia’s business school.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a highly regarded and much respected school of distinction. The top-quality education provided by MIT produces in-demand business and science leaders with a comprehensive business education. MIT offers an advanced degree program with a focus on the most up to date technological advances.

4. New York University

NYU’s Stern school of business provides opportunities to obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees in the various business fields. Stern educates with a curriculum which can be applied directly from the classroom to any business forum. The business program explores global business as well as domestic. Graduates of NYU’s business program receive a balanced education with the advantages of attending an Ivy League school.

5. Harvard University

Harvard University has the best of everything when it comes to education; and their business program is not the exception. Harvard employs a unique system of learning to instill all of the skills and knowledge their graduates will need to rise to the pinnacle of every industry. Besides employing the usual practice of classroom education, Harvard places an emphasis on practical application of the learned classroom skills. Students have opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills in actual business situations.

6. Duke University

Duke University offers a broad range of undergraduate programs which would enhance a career in business. In a constantly evolving and changing business world, individuals will need an education with an interdisciplinary approach to succeed. Duke provides that opportunity. After obtaining an undergraduate degree, students can elect to attend Duke University’s Fugua School of Business. The school is rated one of the premier business schools in the country.

7. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

University of Michigan’s offers a 3 year Bachelor of Business. This top ranked university provides a broad based business education with global instruction. The program provides the basic core skills and education needed for a general business foundation. Additionally, the school offers an extensive number of elective courses which students can use to tailor their education towards their industry of interest. This option allows students to specialize in the business field of their choice. After obtaining their bachelor of business, University of Michigan graduates can continue on to graduate school at the university’s Ross School of Business.

8. Carnegie Mellon University

At Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, students can earn an undergraduate degree intended to prepare students for the current and future business world. Business students are required to learn the skills which are needed for today’s global business structure with the intent to prepare them for the constantly changing ideology and ever advancing technology. The Tepper School of business focuses on the main components of business using a unique academic curriculum. Students will learn applicable statistics, mathematics, and computing, the core elements of business, cultural and sociological studies, and a minor of the student’s choice to help increase the student’s knowledge and skills. Graduates of the Carnegie Mellon University business program will be aptly prepared for the business world.

9. Columbia University

Columbia University offer presents a wide array of majors and concentrations from which students can select to pursue an undergraduate degree. The field of business is diverse and requires individuals who possess skills in various areas of expertise. Many of the programs offered are business specialties which will help graduates become leaders in the business arena; regional studies, political science degrees, economics, engineering, information science, and languages. Students receive a well rounded education; teaching critical thinking and analytical skills. After finishing their undergraduate studies, graduates can continue on to Columbia’s top ranked business school where advanced degrees can be obtained in business economics and public policy, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, healthcare, marketing, world business, capital markets and investments, and more.

10. University of California (Berkeley)

The University of California at Berkeley’s undergraduate business program focuses on a collective management and liberal arts curriculum. The school strives to endow students with the basic skills needed to achieve success in the business field while providing the tools for a broad understanding of all aspects of the world and society which business can reach. The University pushes students to seek new ideas and solutions for old problems. The school teaches through academics and practical experience. Students are encouraged and prepared to continue their education at the Haas School of Business and obtain a masters or doctorate in one of the many business field specialties.

11. Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College offers numerous courses of study; many of which a student aiming towards a career in business will find valuable. What differentiates Dartmouth College from other colleges is the school’s bridge program. Dartmouth offers a four week program to junior and senior students or recent graduates teaching the core business skills from accounting, economics, finance, leadership, and marketing. Students can continue on to Dartmouth’s acclaimed graduate business school to earn an advanced degree.

12. Brigham Young

At Brigham Young’s Marriott School of Management, aspiring business leaders can earn business degrees in accountancy, business management, or information systems. The school’s programs are comprehensive; teaching management skills as well as all other areas where proficiency and aptitude need to be demonstrated in order to be successful. Students have the opportunity to earn advanced degrees in various business specialties to further their knowledge and marketable skills.

13. Villanova

The Villanova University School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Additionally, the school provides executive education programs to enhance leadership skills and abilities. The school teaches their students the fundamental business basics using the most current and cutting edge technologies. The class sizes and student to faculty ratio are small; allowing students to benefit from personal interactions with the faculty.

14. Miami University

Miami University’s Farmer School of Business offers several majors in the business field. Students can earn degrees in accountancy, business economics, interdisciplinary business management, marketing, management information systems, supply chain and operations management, and management and organizations. The degree programs, faculty, and career services are considered among the best in the nation.

15. Emory

Emory University was founded by a Methodist bishop over 150 years ago. The school adheres to a strict belief in values and integrity and strives to instill the same values in their students. Emory University’s Goizueta Business School offers a number of degrees in business; the majority of which are advanced degrees. Business majors can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. The curriculum includes most integral aspects of the business field; marketing, accounting, management, organization, communications, finance, systems, and more.

16. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers a business program which questions the accepted and traditional approaches to current business practices. The school pushes students to seek new ideas and solutions to routine business procedure. The business school strives to create leaders of the business world who will demand answers of questions not even yet asked. Students who earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago will stand out in the business world.

17. UCLA

Students aiming at a career in business will benefit greatly from the course programs offered at UCLA. Besides being one of the top ranked schools in the nation, UCLA is considered a ‘public ivy’ school. The school has an award winning faculty and is ranked internationally. UCLA offers undergraduate degrees in many business applicable fields. Students can also minor in accounting management at UCLA’s graduate business school.

18. Indiana University

Indiana University is one of the few higher learning institutions which have an undergraduate school dedicated to business. Indiana students can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in business before pursuing an advanced degree. The school offers a choice of fifteen business majors; including accounting, business law and ethics, finance, management, marketing, operations and decision technologies.

19. Southern Methodist University

Though it is a small private University, Southern Methodist University provides a superb undergraduate business program. Students can pursue seven academic business majors. The small school size fosters an environment where students can obtain personal attention from the faculty. Besides having one of the best undergraduate programs for business, their business school, Cox, is ranked among the top 20 business schools of the nation.

20. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego’s undergraduate business program has made news as it jumps in leaps and bounds in the rankings. The school has its own business program in their school of business administration. The jump in the rankings was a direct result of the quality of the graduates emerging from the schools program. The faculty is another bright spot in this business program; earning the respect of their students and the recognition of the business community.


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