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Top High Paid Jobs in America

When looking at a list of the top high paid jobs, you want a list of good, realistic job opportunities. Not a bunch of positions that only a few people can occupy.

The key for landing a top paid job is to have a certain technical expertise that takes a lot of investment to acquire. You'll have to do the kind of work that not just anyone can pick up quickly.

The following list of the best paid jobs consists only of careers that are open to most anyone, as long as you go through the right education and training. That's not saying that these are easy jobs to land. Many of them require not only an undergraduate education but also graduate education.

With that disclaimer, here's a list of the 15 top paid jobs in America:

1. Airline pilot/co-pilot, or flight engineer – Salary: $117,060
2. General or operations manager – Salary: $110,550
3. Computer hardware engineer – Salary: $101,410
4. Nuclear engineer – Salary: $100,350
5. Financial manager – Salary: $113,730
6. Judge – Salary: $103,990
7. Lawyer – Salary: $129,020
8. Public relations manager – Salary: $101,850
9. Anesthesiologist – Salary: $211,750
10. Surgeon – Salary: $219,770
11. Engineering manager – Salary: $122,810
12. Industrial or organizational psychologist - Salary: $102,570
13. Computer or information scientist – Salary: $105,370
14. Petroleum (oil, natural gas) engineer – Salary: $119,960
15. Marketing manager – Salary: $120,070

Source: The Highest Paying Jobs In America

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