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Tornjak Dog Breed

The Tornjak is one of the very ancient dog breeds, reportedly mentioned in 9th century manuscripts. Originally they were known as “Hrvatski pas planinac” meaning Croatian dog from the mountain. This sturdy breed originated from the areas of Bosnia, Herzegovinia and Croatia. There are some theories that the dog was a descendant of the Tibetan Mastiff while some say that it was developed from somewhere in Mesopotamia as with other livestock guardian dog breeds. The Tornjak is a large and powerful dog, strong, well-built and well-proportioned. The chest is very broad, tail is long, set medium-high and coated with long hair, muscular neck that is covered with a rich crop of long, fluffy hair and eyes that are almond-shaped. The hair is thick and dense, with a long and rough-textured top coat making it weather resistant. Tornjaks are generally parti-coloured with markings of various solid colours. The dominant ground colour is usually white.

The breed is used for herding and protecting livestock; a typical farm hand dog. It has a stable temperament, calm and serene. But when the situation demands, it becomes a vigilant and brave animal. The Tornjak will protect its owner, the livestock, its family and its property with its life. They are not demanding nor overtly aggressive even to other animals. They learn quickly, easy to train and gladly performs any tasks given to them. The Tornjak is a fairly hardy breed that needs no special training or diet.

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