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Treatments for Pathological Lying

Pathological lying is one of those conditions that everyone knows exist, but continues to baffle medical professionals. The most commonly accepted description of pathological lying is the uncontrollable urge to tell lies. People who lie pathologically are often suspected to have an underlying condition that causes the uncontrollable urge. The confusion arises from the lack of research on the condition.

Some of the research shows that people with certain disorders might have the tendency to be pathological liars. These disorders include ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, and antisocial personality disorder. However, not all individuals with these disorders are pathological liars, so it makes the situation even more unclear. The complexity of the condition makes it difficult for doctors to have a clear program of treatment for pathological liars.

If the underlying condition is pinpointed, however, pathological lying can be treated as well. It is therefore important to determine the main condition in order to treat pathological lying. If an individual is diagnosed as having ADHD or OCD, medication can be prescribed by a doctor. More than prescribing pills, however, therapy is also necessary to treat these conditions. Behavioral therapy is often recommended on top of the medication.

The cooperation of the patient is crucial for the treatment to be effective. This is especially true for behavioral therapy, which requires that the patient be committed to the treatment. Otherwise, the sessions may be counterproductive. More so, it is important to recognize the fact that there is no one treatment that will be effective for everyone. Each case is different and must be treated accordingly.

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