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Treatments of Gambling Addiction

Treatments of gambling addiction take a number of forms. In some situations the gambling addict is able to make the changes necessary to eliminate gambling from his or her life. This approach does take a tremendous amount of self-discipline, and is not the right approach for everyone.

Another example of available treatments for gambling addiction is to get help from Gamblers Anonymous. This organization works in a similar way to Alcoholics Anonymous. The basic premise is that a gambling addict has a problem and always will. Recovery from gambling addiction is a lifelong process, and the person will never be completely cured.

Counseling can play a role in treatments of gambling addiction. Through the help of a therapist, the gambling addict learns to replace that activity with something that is more positive. Part of the process involves taking an inventory of the problems gambling has caused or exacerbated in his or her life. A plan needs to be put in place to deal with debts incurred as a result of gambling, relationships need to be dealt with and repaired, and a new policy surrounding the addict's financial resources needs to be put in place. It may not make sense for the person with a gambling addiction to be solely responsible for handling their own finances. The addict's spouse/partner or family can play a role in the recovery process, and they would benefit from participating in the counseling sessions as well.

Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) can be an effective treatment of gambling addiction. This approach to treatment involves the client examining the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and actions. Once they understand that the activity of gambling is related to specific thoughts and feelings, the addict can stop to consider the consequences of gambling and learn different ways to cope with their difficulties.

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