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Treatments of Tobacco Addiction

When you are ready to give up smoking, you can start investigating different treatments of tobacco addiction. A number of options are available, including going cold turkey, using a nicotine gum or patch, and taking prescription medications.

If you are feeling very motivated or very brave, you can try the cold turkey approach. This involves making a decision to stop smoking, and just doing it. If you decide that this is the right approach for you, you need to make a plan for dealing with the withdrawal symptoms you will be experiencing after you stop smoking. Drinking plenty of fluids and deep breathing can help you get past the urge to smoke in the early days.

Nicotine gum is available over the counter at pharmacies. Using this product gives you something to do with your mouth while you are trying to give up smoking. The nicotine patch is another one of the treatments for tobacco addiction on the market. This product works by releasing a controlled amount of nicotine into the body when the patch is placed on the person's arm. Over time the person will use nicotine patches that have less nicotine, giving the body a chance to adjust to the decreased levels over time.

Seeing your doctor can be a good idea when you are considering treatments of tobacco addiction. He or she can outline your options and can prescribe medications to help you kick the habit. Some of them are taken orally (in a pill form), while others are inhaled. Using the medication can help you to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and combat the cravings that make this such a difficult addiction to break away from.

Many people try to quit smoking more than once before they join the ranks of non-smokers. By investigating the treatments of tobacco addiction and trying the one you like the best, you have a better chance of beating your addiction.

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