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Understanding and Avoiding Back Pain

The majority of the population has dealt with back pain at some point in their lives. As the main support system for the body, it takes on a great deal of pressure day after day. A simple move the wrong way, an injury, or the wear and tear of daily living can wreak havoc on the spine. However, the good news is that back pain can be avoided by taking preventative measures. The key is awareness.

Who is at Greatest Risk of Back Pain?

While back problems can strike anyone, certain members of the population are at the greatest risk. Individuals who are overweight and inactive are most prone to back injuries and pain.The risk factors go hand in hand; individuals who are less active are often overweight. Excess weight means added strain to the spinal column. Put more pressure on the vertebrae and they are more likely to deteriorate. Lack of activity means a weakening of the core and back, making a sore back a much bigger problem.

Back Pain Stems from a Variety of Reasons

Lower back pain is the most common source of trouble. It causes high medical bills and loss of wages for a large percentage of Americans every year, but why is it such a problem? We bring many of our back problems on ourselves. When we slouch, if we do not use ergonomically correct furniture while working, when we overexert, we place our backs at risk of injury. Contact sports, accidents, and strenuous working conditions can also cause a greater rate of back injuries.

What's the Solution to Back Pain?

Prevention is the best medicine. A strong body will mean a healthy back. Staying physically active is a must. A body in motion is much more likely to stay in motion and that includes the back. In addition to exercising, it is important to do exercises that target the back. Stretch and strength this vital component of the body. Wear good shoes and pay attention to posture. It's also important for people to know their own limitations. When it's time for heavy lifting, get someone to lend a hand. At the first sign of strain, rest, get a massage, and a hot soak. Always make the back a top priority.

Back Pain 101
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