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Union Institute & University Online

Union Institute & University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. The university is not only known for its accreditation but also for its memberships such as it being a member of the North Central Association. Good reviews and rankings are given to the university on how it values Social Relevance, Creative and Critical Thinking, and Scholar-Practitioner Model which eventually led to its exceptional academic quality, diversity, community, and service.

Union Institute & University online program caters to online classes that make it possible to everyone to attend class on when is most convenient for them which simply means that students enrolled in this program have the freedom to choose when and where to study. This online program is as well designed for the main benefit of busy professionals or working adults who find it hard to balance education, one’s career, family, and other responsibilities. It is a guarantee that same quality education is given in a more flexible and convenient way. Online degrees and online courses include Bachelor Programs in Arts and Science, Master’s Programs in Education, Arts with Concentration in Psychology and Counseling, Doctoral Programs, and Certificate Programs in Advanced Graduate Studies and Educational Specialist.

Admissions can be done online. There is the admission staff to be of guidance to any admission-related concerns. Tuition costs about $5508 for Bachelor of Arts with 12 credits, $459 per credit hour for Bachelor of Science and $8215 for Master of Arts Online. Financial aid offered in the university is Federal Grants, State Grants, Student Loans, Work-Study Program, and UI&U Scholarships.

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