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University of Central Missouri Online

University of Central Missouri is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Other accreditations include those given by The American Council for Construction Education, The American Chemical Society, Aviation Accreditation Board International, and The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. These numerous accreditations led to the university’s awards, memberships, outstanding reviews and rankings.

The University of Central Missouri Online Program would definitely meet the needs of busy individuals on the aspect of education. Through the online program’s online classes students are able to choose their own schedule and attend classes on when is most convenient for them taking into account other responsibilities and obligation. Everything is accessible online whether it be lessons, course works, assignments, and even tests which makes it easier for any enrolled student. This just shows that the online program is not only giving quality education but also a hassle-free, flexible, and convenient way of learning. Online courses and online degrees include Undergraduate Degrees, Graduate Degrees, Personal Enrichment or Professional Development Programs, and Career Certificate Programs.

Admissions are divided into undergraduate, graduate, and international applicants. Tuition costs about $195.30 per credit hour for Undergraduate Missouri Resident, $253.15 for Graduate Missouri Resident, $390.60 for Undergraduate Non-Resident, and $506.30 for Graduate Non-Resident. There is financial aid offered in the university which is mostly in the form of scholarships. These scholarships differ on Freshmen, Transfer, Current, Graduate, and International Students which include UCM Freshmen Scholarships , MO Boys/Girls State Scholarships, Non-Missouri Resident Assistance, UCM Foundation Scholarships, and Non-UCM Scholarships.

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