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University of the Rockies Online

University of the Rockies is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Aside from this accreditation, the university is as well member of the North Central Association. Good reviews and rankings go with university most especially on how it values integrity which is evident on doing the right thing for the right reason, service through providing a quality learning environment, excellence in making each service relevant, and lastly, diversity in giving learning opportunities to all cultures.

The online program of the university is known for being innovative, accelerated, and prestigious. It is innovative because online courses and online degrees offered are flexible in a way that one is able to earn a degree in the most convenient way. It is accelerated because of courses that its completion is possible in a span of nine weeks. Lastly, it is prestigious since it online classes are being handled by experienced faculty who has doctoral degrees which then serves as assurance that students are given quality education. Online programs include Graduate Certificate in Business Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies, General Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Master of Arts in Psychology, and Doctor of Psychology.

Admissions in the Online Program differ in each program and even to non-degree seeking applicants. Admission requirements as well include English proficiency, transfer credits, and specific technology requirements. Tuition in Graduate Certificate Program and Master of Arts in Psychology and Doctor of Psychology Program is $672 per credit hour. Financial aid in the online program includes Loans namely Stafford Subsidized, Stafford Unsubsidized, and Graduate PLUS Loans. There are as well different scholarships given to deserving students.

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