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University of Southern California (USC) Online

University of Southern California is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This accreditation sets quality standards to every program and service that the university has to offer. Its reviews and rankings include it being ranked no.9 in The Princeton Review among the country’s dream colleges, ranked no.23 in U.S News & World Report for being the first academic institution in the world have established an International Community.

University of Southern California’s Online Program contributes to the development of the university’s International Safe Community. This online program doesn’t only cater to online classes but it has the aim to extend learning in a way that even those located in other countries are still able to enroll in this university. Through the online classes, learning and even teaching are made possible. There are online degrees and online courses that won’t only bring out the best in students but also give them quality learning in a very convenient and flexible way. Online programs are divided into different categories which include the College of Letters, Art, and Sciences, School of Pharmacy, Thornton School of Music, Roski School of Fine Arts, School of Social Work, and School of Policy, Planning, and Development.

Admissions requirements involve the completion of an application form fitted on one’s chosen program, a personal statement, activity summary cover sheet, and academic history which includes high school transcripts. Tuition in the university is estimated to be $40384, this is for undergraduate programs of school year 2010-2011. Financial aid is designed to avoid making costs the basis of applying in a university. This assistance offered is in the form of Grants, Scholarships, Loan, and Work Study and Jobs.

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