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University of Wisconsin-Superior Online

University of Wisconsin-Superior is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. This accreditation has been continuously done since the year 1916. The university is also a member of the Council of Public Arts Colleges which contributed to its reviews and rankings. UW-Superior is part of Colleges of Distinction 2010 which profiled the university quality and strong approach to learning.

The university’s online program was established 30 years ago and is continuously providing quality learning to students. This online program, through its online classes, makes education possible without leaving other priorities and giving them the freedom to choose their own schedule. It is a guarantee that students are given the knowledge and skills that they need with the help of advisors that stay connected to ensure one’s success. A feature of this online program, also known as Distance Education, is its access to university resources such as the library. Online degrees and online courses include concentrations in Public Services, Environmental Studies, Technology, Public Relations, Marketing, Communicating Arts, Business, Broadcasting, and Elementary Education,

Admissions requirements include specific academic requirements such as high school ranks, tests, scores, and College Preparatory Credits. Tuition of the online program costs about $275 per credit for Undergraduate programs and $515 for Graduate. Financial aid available in the university is in the form of Grants which include Academic Competitiveness Grants and Indian Student Assistant grant, Scholarships, Loans, Employment, and Military Benefits. Each type of aid varies on the aspect of choosing its grantees. All types have different requirements which carefully determine one’s eligibility.

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