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Virginia College

Virginia College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. This accreditation made it possible for the college to award certificate, diplomas, and varied degrees. Good reviews and rankings are given to the college’s online program especially on how it provides opportunities and hands-on experience to career-focused individuals.

The college’s online program is known for career-oriented programs which include online courses and online degrees include programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Paralegal Studies, Criminal Justice, Health Care, and others. Online classes are being handled by professors with real world experience in their chosen careers. Aside from how the program provides convenience and flexibility to students, it is as well given credit on the quality services that it gives students which may include resources, technology, and even personal services. Personal services may be in the form of assistance given on a student’s academics which may be through financial aid.

Admissions in the online program include technical requirements, and financial options. These needed requirements are being explained by an admissions associate who would be of guidance through one’s admissions process. Tuition varies in every program. Financial aid options are given to every student because the college makes sure that students in need of financial assistance are given the needed attention and help. This assistance may be in the form of scholarships, federal grants, and private student loans. Scholarships include the Virginia College Career Training Scholarship for Working Parents which requires a GPA of 3.0 and satisfactory attendance.

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