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How to Watch the Super Bowl Online

As many people move away from standard cable and do all of their TV and movie watching online, the demand to watch events like the Super Bowl online increase. But many events are not legally available to watch online.

So the question of whether you can watch the Super Bowl online is really whether you can watch it online legally. And as of 2011, the answer is no. The network that buys the rights to the Super Bowl does not offer a legitimate, free online stream for your viewing pleasure.

Now does this mean that some people won't be watching the Super Bowl online? No. But if they do, they are doing so illegally.

So how do you watch the Super Bowl online for free? If you don't mind breaking the law, here are the websites that tend to offer free streams of NFL games, including the Super Bowl. Just be aware that while watching, the stream might get taken down due to DMCA violations and you might have to scramble to find another free online stream without missing the action.

Also be aware that many of the sites that let you watch the Super Bowl online require that you install a browser toolbar. This can be a surefire way to get malware on your computer. So try to only use sites that don't require any software installations.

Best Sites For Watching The Super Bowl Online
- this is the best site and probably the one that gets monitored closely and you'll probably only get about 20 minutes of viewing time before having to hop to another stream

- another option, the quality isn't as good, and chances are it'll get shut down

Greg Punzo's Twitter
- Greg has made a name for himself by keeping a real-time list of free, live streams of NFL games each Sunday. Unfortunately the NFL seems to be catching up to him, so streams may not last long. However, he's a good source if all your other options run out.

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