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Western International University Online

Western International University (WIU) is a for-profit university with campuses located in Phoenix, Chandler, and Scottsdale in Arizona. Purchased by a leading educational corporation in the United States known as the Apollo Group, the university was founded in 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona as a non-profit learning institution later accredited in 1984 by The Higher Learning Commission.

Today, Western International University is a leading for-profit university dedicated to its mission to provide high-quality innovative educational programs to adult learners and busy working individuals through its evening classes and online programs via its WIU Interactive Online campus. As a learning institution, it offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs that are focused on business and technology as well as a professional certificate in Accountancy.

Online Master’s Degree programs offered by WIU Interactive include such fields as Business Administration; Finance; Information Systems Engineering; Innovative Leadership; Human Dynamics; International Business; Management; Marketing; and Public Administration. For Bachelor’s degree programs, students have a choice of majoring in such fields as Accounting; Behavioral Science; Business Administration; Business; Criminal Behavior; Human Resource Management; Informatics IT; Legal Studies; Management; and Professional Communication.

Cost of tuition per credit hour for online undergraduate degree programs are US$400 for lower division; US$485 for upper division; and for graduate studies, US$570 per credit hour. For on-campus evening undergraduate classes, tuition cost is US$400 for lower division and US$425 for upper division; while on-campus evening graduate classes charge the same rate as online classes at US$570 per credit hour.

WIU students are eligible for financial aid in the form of federal grants and loans provided they have continuous class attendance with no attendance breaks greater than 29 days.

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