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Western International University

Western International University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Aside from this accreditation, the university also has numerous memberships and affiliations with different institutions such as the American Council on Education, Better Business Bureau, Council on Higher Education Accreditation, Datatel Users Group, Higher Education Users Group, and the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. Exceptional reviews and rankings are given to the university on how it aims to provide a learning environment with the use of a global-oriented curriculum.

WIU Interactive Online is an opportunity for students to attend classes in the most convenient way. This online program includes online classes where students are able to listen to lectures, watch videos, participate in class discussions, and interact with fellow classmates and instructors. There are online degrees and online courses that would definitely bring out the best in students. Learning, through this online program, is convenient, stimulating, advanced, and effective. Online programs include Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Information Systems Engineering, Human Dynamics, International Business, Management, and Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Behavioral Science, and Business Administration.

Admissions in the university involve the submission of transcripts and document and transfer of credits taken from a previous school attended. Tuition differs in every program. Student services in the university include the assistance given to students in paying their tuition most especially to those having financial problems. This assistance is in the form of financial aid which may be given through grants, loans, or scholarships.

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