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What Is an Airline Credit Card?

There are many different kinds of credit cards in the market today, and it is not uncommon to see a company or a brand sponsor a particular credit card. The idea behind sponsoring a credit card is to entice people to stay loyal to the brand by giving them perks if the credit card is used. An airline credit card is simply one of these sponsored credit cards, with the sponsor being a specific airline. Often, if you use an airline credit card, you will have to fly with that particular airline.

Some people may feel restricted by the fact that an airline credit card will limit you to flying with that particular airline. However, this may be offset by the perks that the airline credit card offers. The most common perk is the awarding of bonus miles, which are added to the credit card owner’s account each time the credit card is used. These miles can go a long way towards saving money. Another perk may be discounts on airfares that are offered only to those using the airline credit card.

An airline credit card is a very good idea, in fact, for people who fly often. If you travel at least once a month, and you prefer to use a specific airline, then you might want to check if your airline has a sponsored credit card. Just like any other credit card, however, you have to pay your existing balance on time and avoid having revolving balances that will collect interest. Otherwise, the perks that the airline credit card offers will just be offset by the additional charges that you will have to pay.

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