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What Is an Amended Complaint?

An amended complaint is the product of changing and revising the original complaint. This complaint is made due to reasons which include additional crimes that the accuser found out and changes he or she would want to state. These changes can include evidences discovered, requests and even adding the names of those newly discovered to be part of the crime. As these changes are usually recognized after the original complaint was filed, it is pertinent that a new complaint be filed.

But it is not always the case that the accuser just wants to add information or accuse more people for him or her to make an amended complaint. There are certain instances that the court dismisses the original complaint since they don’t see any relevance from it.

A benefit seen here is that the plaintiff gets the opportunity to state his or her side again and even add evidences, maybe make a detailed story behind the crime and carefully review that the complaint made is enough for the criminal to be convicted. Remember that the main purpose of an amended complaint is for the plaintiff to have the chance to state again all the complaints he or she may have for the defendant.

Likewise, the defendant is given the freedom and right to defend his side and respond to the complaint filed against him or her. The person may state his or her side of story and all other ways to defend himself and prove his innocence. The defendant is given only 21 days to write his complaint from the day that the amended complaint was given.

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