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What Is Antibiotic Cream?

Antibiotic cream is a kind of medication that is applied directly on the surface of the skin. This topical medication is used to treat infections that are caused by a variety of organisms. There are a lot of different antibiotic creams available in drugstores today. Many of them are available over the counter while others require a doctor’s prescription.

Antibiotic creams can be used for different purposes, one of the most common of which is to treat wounds and cuts in order to avoid potential infection. This kind of antibiotic cream is often a staple in first aid kits. When someone gets a cut or a minor wound, the antibiotic cream is applied at the end of the treatment process when the wound has been cleaned and disinfected. Of course, if the wound is more than a minor scrape, a doctor might need to take a look at it for proper treatment.

For skin irritation and inflammation due to bacterial infestation, specific antibiotic cream may also be used. For example, the notorious staphylococcus bacteria is often the cause of many a skin infection. Antibiotic cream is then used to kill the bacteria so that the skin can heal.

There are also antibiotic creams that can be used for specific parts of the body. For example, there are specific creams that are meant to be used on the eyeballs. They can cause some smarting but they are quite effective in dealing with eye injuries.

The instructions in the packaging must be followed carefully. Otherwise, the bacteria might develop a resistance to the cream and treatment may not be effective anymore.

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