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What Are the 10 Strangest Traffic Laws in the U.s.?

According to RideLust, the 10 strangest motor vehicle laws in the U.S. are:

  • It's against the law to drive blindfolded in Alabama

  • You can't tether a dog to the roof of your car in Alaska

  • Chico, CA, doesn't allow you to plant rutabagas in the road

  • Screeching of tires in Derby, KS, is a misdemeanor

  • Don't even think about transporting dead poultry up Kansas Avenue in Topeka, KS; it's illegal.

  • Cursing from your vehicle in Rockville, MD, is a misdemeanor

  • You can't take your clothes off in a vehicle in Sag Harbor, NY

  • It's against the law to transport beer, even unopened, in a vehicle in Scituate, RI

  • You can't have trash that would attract rats in your car in Hilton Head, SC

  • In West Virginia, it's completely legal to scavenge road kill

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