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What Are After Market Auto Parts?

After Market Auto Parts is a thriving industry (especially in the United States). They are much in demand among car enthusiasts who want to improve on their vehicles and put their own “mark” on them—by modifying the vehicle, and replacing the “stock” parts that come with the original model.

After Market Auto Parts usually involve performance parts that are not available from the original car manufacturer. Thus, they are different from Original Equipment Manufactuer (OEM) parts. In fact, After Market Auto Parts are usually bought from After Market companies, who specialize in creating particular pieces. For example, one After Market company may be well known for making air intake kits, while another may be the leader in chrome rims. There are also After Market companies that focus primarily on the design, not the performance, of the vehicle—such as car graphic kits.

Some After Market parts are quite easily to install and can be done in one’s garage using ordinary tools and a steady hand. Others require a professionally trained mechanic. There are also some parts that shouldn’t be bought without consultation with someone who knows cars well. Otherwise, one can spend thousands of dollars on something that isn’t compatible with one’s car model or the year that it was released.

Those who are interested in After Market parts should also know that some car manufacturers will void a warranty if they see that an original part has been replaced. This could lead to costly repairs in the future—a risk that car aficionados must weigh before they begin tinkering with their vehicle.

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