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What Are Antitrust Attorneys?

Antitrust laws have been established to prevent malicious activities from companies which exploit their market status by concentrating a large amount of wealth and/or power into one single entity, effectively dominating the market and creating a monopoly. While most companies aim to observe these laws, sometimes a dispute may arise regarding a company's practices, where another party blames the company for violating antitrust laws. Antitrust attorneys are lawyers who specialize in representing companies in antitrust cases, ensuring that they're defended in every way possible and that their interests are represented correctly, resolving any conflicts related to the company's practices.

Antitrust attorneys perform their jobs quite differently from regular lawyers - an efficient antitrust attorney must not only be well-familiar with the current antitrust laws active in the jurisdiction in question, but also have solid experience in such cases, as well as being familiar with the very specific documentation surrounding antitrust cases. It's common for antitrust attorneys to work together with a team of junior attorneys and various researchers and analysts, who provide them with auxiliary services required for performing the job properly and defending their clients as best as possible.

It's common for companies to hire antitrust attorneys from regions outside the company's operations, due to the affiliations commonly attributed to antitrust attorneys (i.e. being unwilling to defend a company when it's claimed that it violates the local market's antitrust laws). Antitrust attorneys must be especially well-familiar with federal laws related to antitrust, as their nature can be quite delicate.

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