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What Are Autopsy Photos?

An autopsy is also known as a post-mortem examination. It is a thorough medical examination of a deceased individual in order to determine the cause of death. A pathologist, coroner, or medical examiner does the medical examination in order to ascertain not just the cause of death, but other important physical and physiological marks that may have occurred before or after the death.

In order to document the findings of the pathologist, photographs are taken in order to provide records and evidence. These photographs are referred to as autopsy photos. The photos are meant to supplement a written autopsy report that includes the cause of death as well as the manner in which the deceased died.

Autopsy photos are done in order to provide a descriptive and concise record of the death. The method in which the photos are taken is systematic and dependent on how the coroner, pathologist, or medical examiner proceeds with the autopsy. Usually, a general overview of the deceased is done, which includes documentation of any apparent marks found on the body. After the general overview, a more detailed approach is taken. Details are photographed from different vantage points in order to provide all the information necessary. Aside from photographs of details with regards to the death of the individual such as small marks, the autopsy photos cover mostly the area of interest. This area of interest is usually instrumental in the cause of death or the manner in which the person died. Photos are also taken before the body is moved or disturbed.

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