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What Are Blogs?

A blog is the abbreviated form of “weblog.” A log is another word for journal, such as a “captain’s log.” Thus, a blog is a journal or a diary that is kept on the internet. It tends to have an intimate tone, usually in the first-person perspective. It may contain personal insights, photos, ideas and observations, and links. The word “blog” was Merriam Webster’s Word of the Year in 2004.

The first blog is thought to have been written in 1992, and in fact appeared on the first website. However, the popularity of the blog took off at the end of the nineties, and then boomed in early 2000. Then, blogs were fairly simple: just a few lists of links, with very view graphics or text. They were often run by “techies” who were the only ones familiar (or even comfortable with) the software required to run them.

This all changed when the software became more user-friendly and people themselves became more computer-literate. Today, even children can create a blog in a few clicks, and anyone who has a moderately fast computer and reliable internet access can set up and run a blog.

Many blogs are purely personal and with an audience of just family and friends. However, there are also blogs that contain tutorials on topics, or showcase products for sale, or promote a particular cause. Blogs have also been used as a marketing and awareness tool. Politicians and celebrities may run a blog in order to tap or broaden a fan base.

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